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Q2/Q3 2019


Action, Battle Arena, Multiplayer

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Ignis: Duels of Wizards

Ignis is a fast-paced, battle arena based on magic duels. The unique fighting mechanics allow players to customize the path of every missile. Quick matches (around 5-10 minutes) with dynamic upgrades create a unique experience of the intense rivalry, that requires both fast reflex and tactical skills.


Ignis: Duels of Wizards is a fast-paced battle arena about duels between powerful wizards. The core element of the game is the unique fighting mechanics that allow players to customize path of every magical projectile. That way they can omit obstacles, slip past enemies defenses, collect powerups or gain tactical advantage by interacting with the environment. Besides basic projectiles, each character has access to a vast arsenal of magical weaponry – meteors falling from the sky, summonable minions, curses and ultimate attacks.

Players can choose between powerful playable wizards, each of them uses a different style of magic – like elemental powers, alchemy or shamanic voodoo. Every hero has a unique, “theme” based set of attacks, spells and passive, that can be dynamically upgraded between rounds of the duels. It enables developing an individual strategy when fighting different opponents.

The singleplayer mode will include a full campaign, revealing the backstory of each character as well as the lore of the whole in-game universe. The campaign mode resembles popular titles form fighting games genre. Set of duels will allow players to experience fighting with all the playable wizards, learn their strengths and weaknesses. There will also be separate singleplayer modes with features altering the flow of the game.

Ignis truly shines in multiplayer mode – both local or online. The split-screen mode allows players to either fight against each other on different arenas with adjustable properties or join forces against constantly learning AI. Online multiplayer takes the challenge up to ranked duels in which players can compete with people all over the world.

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About Moonlit

Moonlit S.A. is an independent game design studio from Cracow. We are on the market since 2014, gaining experience, contacts and our good name as a software house. Nowadays we are working on our first projects as both developers and publishers, focusing on three titles: adventure game Playerless: One Button Adventure, fast-paced battle arena Ignis: Duels of Wizards and Sci-Fi tactical rouge-lite The Final Frontier that we intend to release in 2019/2020. We continue to work as a software house, currently developing Deadliest Catch: The Game – a title based on Discovery Channel license published by Ulitmate Games and Playway.

Core Team
  • Maciej Siwek – Creative Director