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Q2 2019


Adventure, Indie, Puzzle

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Playerless: One Button Adventure

Playerless is an adventure game set in a world of another game, abandoned by its creators. In time, characters from the game developed self-awareness and brought chaos to the game. It’s up to the Player to help the Debug Unit fix it. In this quest, he’ll interact with very independent NPCs, solve logic puzzles and discover mysteries of in-game meta-level… all with just one button!


Playerless: One Button Adventure is an adventure game set in a world of another game. The original arcade – investigation game resembling Scooby-Doo Adventures  – was abandoned by its creators and left running for decades. In the meantime, characters from the game developed self-awareness and took control of the arcade. Or actually broke it so much, that only one button is still functioning…

It is up to the Player to help the nameless debug unit fix the original game. But that’s not an easy task since the malfunctioning interface requires an unorthodox approach towards communicating with the program. Tapping or holding the only button is the core mechanics of the game – and the only way to walk around, talk to the NPCs and solve puzzles.

Besides unique controls, Playerless focuses on the story. Traveling with the debug unit, we will visit locations from the original game as well as “meta-game levels”, where all the arcade machinery is hidden. And by that, we mean literally gears and bizarre, clocklike mechanisms. Along the way, the Player can interact with some self-aware NPCs, like narcissistic Gustav or idealistic artist Vatti and a bunch of rather confused Blunts, trapped in their programmed behavioral patterns.

Underneath funny dialogues and cute graphic design, Playerless refers to some important philosophical problems like the free will or the nature of artificial intelligence. Relations between the player and the debug unit have more in common with nurturing, rather than controlling. As we progress in the game’s story, the debug unit learns from the player’s decisions and based on those starts to develop its own personality. Combined with one-button controls, the gameplay looks more like a negotiation with the program – with results that sometimes may be quite unpredictable.

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About Moonlit

Moonlit S.A. is an independent game design studio from Cracow. We are on the market since 2014, gaining experience, contacts and our good name as a software house. Nowadays we are working on our first projects as both developers and publishers, focusing on three titles: adventure game Playerless: One Button Adventure, fast-paced battle arena Ignis: Duels of Wizards and Sci-Fi tactical rouge-lite The Final Frontier that we intend to release in 2019/2020. We continue to work as a software house, currently developing Deadliest Catch: The Game – a title based on Discovery Channel license published by Ulitmate Games and Playway.

Core Team
  • Maciej Siwek – Creative Director